Established in Ankara Siteler, Şeref Koltuk has become the classic of avant-garde furniture with its 18-year success story since 1994.

All of the products are their own production and export to many world countries. Şeref Concept continues to provide added value to the furniture industry with its product variety, understanding of quality and the importance it attaches to aesthetics.

It continues on its way with the power of producing economical quality and timely service in meeting customer demands in national and international competitive environment. Continuing its R&D studies, Şeref Concept designs products according to different lifestyles and world standards and takes its place in national fairs.

Classic furniture; Symphony of Passion!

It starts with a note, turns into a symphony with perfect harmony …

For us, the story of classical furniture starts with a wood;  producing marble, metal, glass, fabric and leather in high elegance with the inspiration we get from art.

We bring the elegance of classic furniture to living spaces with domestic and international sales points.

We owe our production quality and design vision that can compete with the world’s most established brands to our past experience and our passion for art.